Sourcing of clean water and other materials. Reimagined.

There are several significant points of impact for Retein Technology. And an equal amount of real world problems to solve.

The industry wide scarcity of valuable materials (such as metals and nutrients) and clean water sourced sustainably has never been more imminent. According to the Global Resources Outlook, we are rapidly depleting the Earth’s finite resources without regard for the consequences, resulting in climate change and a decline in biodiversity. Modern corporations nowadays have to abide to several key factors when conducting business, including:

  • changing consumer preferences and expectations.

  • regulatory pressure to reduce environmental impact.

  • the potential for cost savings through increased efficiency and waste reduction.

Organisations across all industries, spanning from food production to chip manufacturing need to invest urgently in sustainable practices, in order to create a competitive advantage while also making a positive contribution to society and the planet.

Our potential applications.

The Retein technology is designed to address common pain points and use cases across various application areas, making it a versatile solution for businesses seeking sustainable water management. Water is considered to be the universal solvent and is therefore a critical part of most manufacturing, energy production, food & beverage production, and healthcare sectors to name a few. We are currently targeting applications where sustainable water use is not only great for minimizing our partner’s footprint, but also makes a significant impact on their bottom line. We are working with partners in areas ranging from medical dialysis to battery recycling, where there is typically a need to recover clean water from the end of their process and recirculate it back into the first stage of the same process.

Taking a page from nature’s playbook, we are also working on applying our patented protein strengthening to recover more resources from water beyond the clean water itself. Two examples of valuable applications raised by potential customers are battery-grade lithium recovery in battery recycling and phosphorus recovery from wastewater for fertilizer production.

Water treatment & purification.

Maximizing value.

Retein technology is designed to address common pain points and use cases across various application areas, making it a versatile solution for businesses seeking sustainable water management. By recirculating the clean water back into the process, our technology helps to conserve resources and reduce waste, while also promoting greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Overall, the goal is to provide a reliable and effective means of managing water resources, while also minimizing environmental impact and maximizing value for businesses.


Improving patient outcomes and experiences.

Dialysis is a medical treatment that filters waste products and excess fluids from the body and today accounts for 53Bn USD in the US, as a part of the overall healthcare sector. The value of Retein technology for dialysis lies in its ability to achieve this water-toxin separation in a compact manner, which is crucial for developing wearable devices. By enabling dialysis treatment to become wearable, this technology has the potential to revolutionize patient care and significantly enhance the quality of life. Overall, the goal towards our potential customers is to provide an effective and efficient solution for healthcare applications that will ultimately improve patient outcomes and experiences.

Battery recycling.

Promoting greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

By using Retein technology for battery recycling, it is possible to reduce waste water volumes which can be costly for the recycler to dispose of, while supplying a cheap and accessible source of clean water. This is particularly relevant in regions where freshwater is becoming less abundant and more expensive. Our target is a technology that can effectively recover clean water from mixtures containing salts, metals, and organics, allowing for the recirculation of clean water back into the recycling process. This not only minimizes environmental impact but also promotes greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness in battery recycling.

High quality sustainably sourced materials from water.

Circularity on the molecular scale

Our view of a sustainable future is one where circular use of materials has become the norm across businesses for both economical and environmental reasons. This requires breaking products down into their basic building blocks in order to make use of them again and again in production. A critical step to close this loop is the ability to sort the individual resources from a disassembled product into pure materials that can be used as inputs. Nature already excels at this by using proteins that precisely and efficiently recover waterborne molecules for use as new building blocks. By applying our patented strengthening to these proteins, we are determined to accelerate the transition towards a material-optimized world. A bottom up approach for the bottom line, naturally.

Our partners.

We are grateful for the partnerships we have forged and the valuable contributions they make to our journey. We believe that building strong partnerships is essential for creating a sustainable future, and we look forward to continuing to work together with our current and future partners towards a shared vision.

Retein’s  substantial market potential would not be feasible without the inherent magic hidden within its technology. Our ground breaking technology is revolutionary and amongst other things inspired by nature.

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